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Want to be part of our community listings?

~Because we will be advertising YOUR site, we wish you to advertise OUR community. You must have a link to our site before we will advertise yours. If you wish to announce our site to yours, we will do the same, just pm The Penguin Queen.

~Just private message(pm) The Penguin Queen with a link to your site! We will have our moderators check the site and then rate it!

~Feel free to pm me at any time if you have a question or want it to be checked again, so it may be raised a level.

~Here is our link: http://clubpenguincommunity.forumotion.com

If you wish to use a picture link, you may use this picture or a homemade one.

Igloo Insiders

These Igloos Insiders may not Yet be the Top, but Host a Ton of Fun!

Tip Of The Ice Berg

The Top Sites of Penguins in our Community

Puffle Parties
These sites may just be getting started, but are still great community sites!