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What kind of personality do you expect the WHITE puffle to have? (pick all that you think will apply)
Adventurous-definitly will be able to play a game with you!
 10% [ 4 ]
Secretive-a ninja like puffle, blending in with the snow!
 10% [ 4 ]
Intelligent-a book worm by choice, will love to spread the knowledge to the world!
 10% [ 4 ]
Crazy-so maybe it fell off a snow bank when it was young.. but it sure is awesome!
 10% [ 4 ]
Fun-fun loving, party going puffle!
 13% [ 5 ]
Fancy-white is for elegance, very classy and will love a tea party for two at the coffee shop
 10% [ 4 ]
Girly-what a flirt! Lets go shopping for some makeup and SHOES!
 10% [ 4 ]
Manly-lets go and live in the wilderness and never take a bath!!Then play football!!!!
 10% [ 4 ]
Other-So mysterious it could be ANY of these!!
 13% [ 5 ]
 5% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 40

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 Cleared and Offical Cheats and Glitches!

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The Penguin Queen

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PostSubject: Cleared and Offical Cheats and Glitches!   Thu Jan 15, 2009 7:07 pm

These are cheats we have collected and tested. They should all work, but if you find one that doesn't please pm me or an admin!!

The Cheats and Glitches!

Walk under Club Penguin chat bar

You can walk behind the chat bar in some rooms of Club Penguin. This isn’t really all that big of a cheat or glitch but it is a fun little trick to do. It works in any room where you can walk to the side of the chat bar, like the coffee shop or the snow forts.

Go to a room where you can walk to the side of the chat bar.
Walk to either side of the chat bar.
Now click on the opposite side of the chat bar and you will walk behind it. Only your hat will stick out.

Friendship Bracelet
Go to the coffee shop and then go upstairs to the book room. Open up the bookshelf and click on the book called Rockhopper and the Stowaway. Flip to the back up the book and click on the friendship bracelet to get it.

Walk around room while playing a multi-player game
This is one of those Club Penguin cheats that is fun to show off to friends. You can walk around the room while playing one of the multi-player games like Mancala or Find Four.

Go and Play either mancala or find four.
While playing, click and open Penguin Mail.
Then close Penguin Mail.
Click anywhere around the room and you will be able to walk around the room, while playing the game.

Read the Newspaper without logging in
You can read the Penguin Times newspaper without logging in to Club Penguin if you type the URL directly to the SWF file into your browser. It will look like this:

http://media1.clubpenguin.com/play/v2/content/local/en/news/20081204.swfJust replace the numbers at the end with the correct date for the newspaper. The first four digits (2008) are the year. The next two digits (09) are the month and the last two digits (04) are the day. Replace those digits with the date for the most recent Thursday, which is the day of the week that the newspaper is published.

Wave Very Fast
Click (W) on your keyboard several times in a row to wave fast.

Throw Fast Snow Balls
Throw fast snow balls by pressing T and then clicking your mouse button very quickly. Keep repeating the cycle. Press T and click over and over again and your penguin will go hyper with snowballs.

Empty Message
Make an empty chat message by pressing the space bar and then pressing the enter key.

Skip Astro Barrier Levels
You can skip ahead levels in Astro Barrier. Just press 1, 2, or 3 right after you click the start button and you will begin at level 10, 20, or 30.

Astro Barrier Expert Levels
To enter the expert level, wait 30 seconds between level 30 and 31. Then shoot the blue ship that appears.

Speed up the Game
If the server you are on is too crowded, slow or has a lot of lag, or if you’re just on a really old computer, you can click the + or - key to speed it up. This lowers the resolution of the game. The graphics will look really bad, but everything will move faster.

Rockhopper’s Key
Go to the Coffee shop and then go upstairs to the Book Room. Open up the book shelf and click on the Journal of Captain Rockhopper. Go to the back of the book, and you will find the key.

Make Aqua Grabber Easy
When playing Aqua Grabber, bring a pink puffle with you. If you run out of air during the game, it will give you a bubble to fill up your air.

Pizza Tron 3000 Secret Dessert Level
To enter the secret dessert level, click on the level that is found at the start menu. All of the normal toppings will be replaced with candy toppings.

Walk on Water
There are a few spots in the game where your penguin can walk on water. One of them is the Iceberg, right next to the Aqua Grabber Sub. The other is near the wooden dock at the beach.

Make a Funny Penguin Noise
Press E + T to make a funny noise. It kind of sounds like a penguin fart.
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Cleared and Offical Cheats and Glitches!
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